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Andrian Shapiro launched his business career more than 17 years ago by opening a chain of rehabilitation centers and pharmacies. Mr. Shapiro is also the founder of over a dozen adult day care centers, numerous pharmacies, an ambulance company, an elderly transportation service as well as few more micro projects within the healthcare industry. In addition to Mr. Shapiro investment in the healthcare industry, he has built and maintained a vast portfolio of residential and commercial real-estate projects, totaling over one million square feet within Greater Boston. A sampling of some of Mr. Shapiro’s tenants includes: Starbucks, Petco, the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Offices, Enterprise Auto Rental, a number of privately owned restaurants, a youth entertainment complex, day care and early education centers, and an International Community Center.

In 2014 Mr. Shapiro shifted his focus to Quincy Massachusetts, where he has become a key developer in the new Quincy Redevelopment project. Mr. Shapiro has been quoted saying he sees “huge potential in this beautiful city” and has expressed interest in relocating, or establishing a branch of, his corporate offices, currently located in Allston, to Quincy Center. Mr. Shapiro is working closely with City Administration as well as other developers involved in the project, trying to address any challenges proactively and working to move forward as soon as possible.

Mr. Shapiro began his educational career at Kiev’s Institute of Economics, graduating with high honors as a Master of Economics. He then studied to be an International Attorney at the Law Academy of Odessa, located in Odessa Ukraine, where he received his J.D., also with high honors.

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