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Charitable giving is an important part of Judaism and is vital to our congregation. We depend on your act of generosity and kindless - of Tzedakah - to support our programs and facilities and help us meet the needs of our growing and diverse synagogue community.

ברוך אתה ה' א‑לוהינו, מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותו וצונו להניח תפילין.

Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and has commanded us to put on tefillin.

ברוך אתה ה' א‑לוהינו, מלך העולם, המוציא לחם מן הארץ.

Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the universe, Who brings forth bread from the earth.

ברוך אתה ה' א‑לוהינו, מלך העולם, אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להדליק נר של שבת.

Blessed are You, LORD our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the Shabbat candle.

יהי רצון מלפניך, ה׳ א‑לוהינו וא‑לוהי אבותינו, שתחדש עלינו שנה טובה ומתוקה.

May it be Your will, LORD our God and God of our ancestors, that you renew for us a good and sweet year.



Bnai Moshe needs your support!

I invite you and your family to join us in actively participating in our congregation and to take advantage of all the wonderful social and community programs and services that the Temple has to offer.

However, the implementation and success of of these programs depends on the support and input from members, and I encourage you to give as much as possible and to share your ideas on how we can better serve your spiritual needs.

Cordially yours,

Alex Matov, President


  • A handful of men and women gathered in 1932 to plan for the spiritual welfare of the Jewish people who were coming to Brighton in great numbers. With the nearest house of worship three miles away, the group continued to meet in a store on Chestnut Hill Avenue, the former home of Judge Thomas Connelly of the Brighton Court.

  • These early Jewish settlers remodeled the house at a cost of $8,000, and the little synagogue at 96 Chestnut Hill Avenue was dedicated on September 10, 1933. Ohel Moshe was the first name given to the Temple, but later the name was changed to Temple B’nai Moshe. Eventually, Temple B’nai Moshe became known as one of the most thriving and progressive congregations of Greater Boston.

  • Rabbi Joseph Shalom Shubow was installed as the first Rabbi of the Congregation on October 28, 1934. A schoolhouse was built adjacent to the Temple on 60,000 square feet of land purchased from the city, and enrollment grew to 300 children. Four years later, it was necessary to hire the nearby American Legion Post for High Holiday services.

  • Our Building

  • With a view towards building a new Temple, land was acquired on Sidlaw Road and 1845 Commonwealth Avenue. The beautiful monumental edifice, designed by Krokyn and Browne, Architects, was constructed on the site of the old Sinai Temple. The new Temple was dedicated in 1954.

Cantor and Spiritual Leader

  • Cantor Theodore Schneider is a very talented musical scholar and a joy to listen to at our services. He is a man of many parts. Trained by exceptional teachers, he is not only a gifted Cantor, but an accomplished composer, conductor, teacher and voice coach.

  • During the years the Metropolitan Opera of New York used to perform in Boston, we would frequently see members of that ensemble, Jews and non-Jews alike, at our Saturday morning services who would come to hear him and study his vocal skills. He has also trained several Cantors in the Boston area.

  • In addition, he has become a “one man informal social work agency” to assist many leading Boston institutions over the years in caring for hundreds of people suffering physical, mental and social distress. He is the exemplar of the Jewish teaching of “Chesed”, kindness and compassion.

  • Ritual Director

  • saac Adar comes to us from Argentina and Israel. Born in Argentina his family were among those European Jews, who were sponsored by Baron de Hirsch, a to emigrate during the past century to Argentina to live on the land and found a remarkable Jewish community, one that taught and nurtured him well. A similar colony was established in Vineland New Jersey. He is a graduate in engineering from a University in Argentina. He has lived and worked in that field both in Israel and in the U.S. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet and we are blessed to have him.

Our Directors

Reach out to any of our Directors, or visit their pages to learn more about them.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors! We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors. We invite you to support these community-minded organizations.

CV Consulting

Brockton ADH

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Our Services

Shabbat Services

Friday @ 7:00 P.M.

Saturday @ 10:00 A.M (Rabbi’s sermon @ 10:30 AM)

If you are interested in assisting in our Friday Evening Young Adult Shabbat, please contact our office at

  • Sponsor a Kiddush & Invite your Friends.

  • A donation will enable you to sponsor an enhanced Kiddush. Honor a Birthday, anniversary, Simcha, or memorialize a loved one. It will be listed on the cover of the Shabbat Shalom leaflet, and announced from the Bimah.

  • A small sign announcing you sponsorship will be place on the Kiddush tables. Please call the synagogue office for the specifics at: We need a weeks notice.

  • Events

    Jan 26th

    6:00 P.M Theater - studio

    “ Five evenings” is holding an art - evening in Social Hall on the first floor.Please come join them and support the young talent in our Synagogue! Visit the the site Five Evenings

    Feb 20th

    10:00 A.M Chess Contest

    Chess Club is holding their annual contest! Great prizes and atmosphere is guaranteed!

    Painting of Elena Kotliarker


    1845 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, MA 02135

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    Coming form downtown Boston:

    Take Commonwealth Avenue from Kenmore square/Back Bay area. Stay on Commonwealth avenue past Boston University going towards Boston College. Just before Chestnut Hill Avenue (Cleveland Circle) Temple B’nai Moshe is on your right.

    By the T:

    Take the Green Line “B” train to the “Chiswick” stop. This stop is at the corner of Chiswick Street, & Commonwealth Ave. 1/2 block from the temple.

    or take the Green Line “C” train to the “Cleveland Circle” stop (last stop outbound from Boston). Take a right onto Chestnut Hill Avenue and walk to Commonwealth Ave. Cross Comm Ave., and turn right. Temple is on left about 1/2 block down

    or take the Green Line “D” train to the “Reservoir” stop. Take a right down the hill across Cleveland Circle onto Chestnut Hill Avenue, pass Blockbuster video and walk to Commonwealth Avenue. Cross Commonwealth Avenue, and turn right. Temple is on left about 1/2 block down

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