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Support Beit Grand
in Ukraine


For 14 years, the Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Grand" has been the second home for every third family in Odesa, Ukraine.


For 14 years we have been spreding Jewish culture in the city and country for children, their parents, as well as grandparents.

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That's who we were until... February 24th, 2022, 4:00 AM

From classes on early development preparation for school to sports for children and adults. Jewish programs are focused on all age categories; among them, there is a children's day camp, where children spend time with benefit, gaining new knowledge and finding new acquaintances, family programs of various formats, intellectual interest clubs, Jewish revival programs, online projects with well-known journalists and cultural figures. Best Grand has its humorous youth league, called the School of Laughter. The funniest teams of Odessa compete for the title of the BEST. In the league, the most famous humorists of Odessa are also mentors for young teams. We train comedians for television shows.


In our center, children and Teenagers from 10 to 16 years old or young people 17-21 years old find a second home.

Teenage youth club "Derech," and unique creative space for children "Grand Junior" every day implement projects. Together they watch movies or learn to be leaders, meet new guys of their age, or even with successful business people who are happy to share their experience of building a profitable business.

Our pride is the Jewish modern "Theater on Nezhynskaya,"

where you can regularly visit eight diverse

performances for every taste.


Our kind and selfless lion cubs are the League of Jewish Volunteering. The main goal is to respond to the needs that exist in the Jewish community and beyond. Within the league's activities framework, you can learn everything related to volunteering and join existing projects aimed at the elderly, people with disabilities, low-income families, large families, and children at risk.

We learned to create. Artspace "We can" is adored by both children and adults. Masterpieces are created here with the help of clay and a potter's wheel, paints, brushes of canvases.

On February 24, 2022... our lives have changed. We are experiencing the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

In the morning, the life of every citizen of Ukraine was divided into BEFORE and After... Without a declaration of war, as it was in 1941, we began to be brutally exterminated.


How did this become possible in the modern world? People at one point were left without a roof over their heads, without the right "for tomorrow ."Many had to part with their loved ones for an indefinite period, and people had to choose between their children and elderly parents.


"Mom, am I going to die soon?" How do you answer this question for your child? How can you sleep peacefully to the sound of gunshots and emergency evacuation sirens?

We are employees of the Jewish cultural center Beit Grand.

At the moment, we cannot do our job, see people's smiles, bring Jewish culture to the masses, make movies about the importance of the Yiddish language, honor the memory of the dead Jews during the Holocaust and celebrate the holidays of the Jewish calendar, telling children about the traditions of their ancestors.

One morning our lives were over. This morning we all became volunteers who helped evacuate people from their hometowns, our men began to defend their homeland.


One morning put the lives of millions of people on pause...

First, there was a shock, rejection, anger, and then we decided to do the best we could. We began to support people in the most challenging period of their lives. We study for free with children who have lost their childhood and continue our activities online.

No matter where people are in the world, we provide them with psychological support, develop children, launch new teenage projects, and continue Jewish and commercial programs.

We want to help people! However, we cannot do without your financial and moral support.

There is a famous saying: "It takes a century to restore what one day of war destroyed"... our country has been at war for much longer, and we have not had a century; let us not lose even a moment...

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